Brass Electrical Accessories

Why Manufacturers Use Forged Brass For Electrical Accessories?

You may first ask what is a forged brass and what are its applications to the experts. Well, we got an answer for it in a nutshell; forged brass is one of the alloys of copper and zinc, which is heated up to 900° F to form different casting shapes using closed die presses. Manufacturers use forged brass to cast brass electrical accessories as this material offers more tensile strength.

Forged Brass For Electrical Accessories

The electrical and thermal conductivity of the alloy depends on the amount of copper and zinc is used. Also, the corrosion resistance, machinability, and ductility are also dependent on the amount of zinc and copper used for preparing forged brass.

What are its uses and applications?

Forged brass is vastly used in several types of applications. Manufacturers use it to craft-

  • Bathroom accessories, like doorknobs, piping, locks, and gears
  • Automotive, electronic, and electrical parts
  • Musical instruments, like horns, bells, cymbals, harmonicas, and saxophones
  • Plumbing
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Building hardware
  • Solenoid, valves, and hydraulic fittings
  • Seawater piping
  • Medical appliances
  • Marine hardware, condenser plates and pump shafts

Why manufacturing units use forged brass?

Crafting various applications with forged brass is a good idea as the alloy holds several benefits. These are discussed below-

Forged brass has greater strength- this material has closer grains and zero virtual porosity. Subjecting the alloy under extreme temperature and pressure creates highly tensile material with a denser grain structure.

Leakproof– As it has denser grain structure, articles made from forged brass is leak-free.
Higher production rate– Unlike other castings, forged castings offer higher production rates.
Easy to weld– You can easily weld and shape forged brass components.
Lesser scrap– The absence of porosity lesser the waste and create significant saving of material and money.
Supreme finish– Forged brass components do not need sanding or grinding.
Low tooling cost– As the surface finish is superior; there is minimum requirement of tooling. Also, forging tools are cheaper and durable unlike casting tools.

Manufacturers are using forged brass material to craft brass parts electrical accessories and other things for all these reasons. Forged brass benefits are real and thus, manufacturers use it for preparing countless applications. You can straight away contact them and share your requirements to get the best deal.


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