Brass female tee

Which tools are used by engineers to deploy brass pipe fittings including female tee

brass female teeManufacturers of the brass fittings across the world are fabricating pipe fittings like elbows, brass female tee, couplings, unions, etc. using heavy-duty brass alloy. These pipe fittings are manufactured in different forms and sizes. If you wish to have well-performing fittings, you must ask your supplier to provide copper or nickel plated brass fittings. Putting the copper or nickel layer onto brass fittings is made easy with tools. In this article, you will get to know which tools are used by manufacturers in order to get copper or nickel plated brass fittings.

1. Adjustable wrench- This tool is commonly used in plumbing. You can take it as a cheap and ordinary tool and use it for brass pipe fittings. An adjustable wrench possesses adjustable jaw that is lockable too and allows brass pipe suppliers and makers to adjust the jaw size that fits any type of nut or bolt and lock it in place for loosening or tightening.

You can use adjustable wrenches on heavy duty brass pipes; however, you can’t do the same in the case of light weight brass piping. A brass piping is a lighter version of heavier brass pipes. These are delicate products that can be easily damaged with common adjustable wrenches. In contrast to these sophisticated products, brass pipes are wear and tear resistant and using the adjustable wrench won’t harm it.

2. Friction clamp- Brass fitting exporters and manufacturers also use friction clamp to hold brass pipes in place while attaching and fastening brass fittings. These tools are more suitable as compared to ordinary plumbing clamps as they are not harsh on pipe fittings. Ordinary clamps may damage the surface of the fittings and brass sheet pipes. Moreover, friction cramps are cheaper and can be bought at the price of adjustable wrenches.

3. Friction wrenches- Friction wrenches can also be used on brass pipes, piping, and fittings. It is lighter and will make the work of tooling for suppliers easier.

All these tools can be used on several kinds of brass fittings including brass female tee, reducers, unions, couplings, etc. You can order your preferred brass fittings today and get delivery at home. There are many online portals available today that offer exceptional deals and discounts on first purchases. You can contact one of such suppliers and avail good quality brass fittings.

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