Brass Components

Different Brass fitting components manufacturers

Brass Components ManufacturersTraditionally, installing and plumbing metal components was labour intensive process. Plumber must be skilled enough for installing metal fixtures in your home. The fixtures should be cleaned and maintained regularly without releasing much heat and noise. Today, modern brass components are quickly available in market with Brass fitting components manufacturers.  They are easy to install and also affordable as compared to copper fittings.

  • PEX Fittings

Latest trend in plumbing is using flexible PEX Fittings. The semi-rigid tube is able to withstand hot and cold water. It is easy to install PEX Fittings in your home and also durable too. Because of its excellent quality parameters, PEX Fittings are warmly accepted in plumbing industry worldwide. To know more on PEX Fittings, you can discuss with Brass Components Manufacturers in detail.

  • Compression Fittings

It can be designed using brass, aluminium, and copper etc. It is considered much reliable and efficient than PEX Fittings. With little knowledge and expertise, you can also install compression fittings yourself. It is better to prefer compression fitting made up of brass metal. They are light in weight and no soldering required at all. These fittings are available in different sizes and can be customized based on your requirements.

  • Traditional sweat soldered fittings

These fittings are especially designed for copper pipes. Fittings are inserted inside pipes and soldering is applied onwards. This is not so much appropriate technique yet used in plumbing industry by few experts. Besides fitting, some additional brass components and accessories are also attached based on demand. The most common types of Traditional sweat soldered fittings are straight fittings, shut-off, tees and reducing connectors etc.

  • Combination fittings

The particular fitting has different type of connections on each side. For example, a straight connector may have PEX attachment on one side and soldered attachment on other side. The connectors are usually beneficial when expanding current plumbing system.

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